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Jock Brocas is an internationally renowned psychic medium. Jock works extensively with organizations to maintain the highest ethical behavior and standards in mediumship and spiritual advancement. He provides private readings for clients worldwide who are searching for evidence of life after death and past life connections. Jock has been featured extensively on radio shows and has appeared in the media worldwide. His articles have appeared in Psychic Times, Spirit and Destiny, Soul and Spirit, and many others. Jock is also the author of three upcoming books, Dark Waters (Llewellyn) and The Book of Six Rings (Tuttle), Everything Guide to Past life Experience (Adams Media). He offers retreats and workshops to individuals and corporations focusing on psychic development, mediumship, and modern-day spiritual development.

Jock is considered one of the best mediums today specializing in areas of mediumship and the paranormal that individuals need help with. This could be when someone has been dabbling in occult practices and attracts the wrong spirit. See the following page for more information.

Private Readings with Renowned Psychic Medium

Psychic Readings are available by appointment only. Please ensure that you really do require a reading and not out of interest or fun. Mediumship is a serious subject and exists to help the grieving individual and to begin the healing process.

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Workshops and Events

There will be a series of workshops throughout USA in 2012. These workshops will include, psychic development, mediumship and meditation.
  • A Psychic Medium's Science

    Scientific Approach as a Psychic Medium

    As a psychic medium in the USA, Jock Brocas takes unique scientific approach to his work. Psychic mediums should always approach their work with a scientific mind. This ensures that the highest ethical standards are met at all times. As a psychic medium, the job is to provide evidence of life after death and to spark the inner healing process within the sitter.

    Life does not end with the death of the physical body and the fact that our consciousness continues is such an empowering thing to recognize that it can bring comfort to those suffering the loss of their loved ones.
  • Psychic Readings and Group Sittings

    Individual Sittings, Group Sittings and Family Sittings

    There are varied types of psychic readings available to suit individuals, families and groups. Private sittings for psychic readings or mediumship readings are available in most USA states - especially in Virginia, New York, Arizona and California.

    Jock came to the realization there may be times when a family or group may have lost the same family members or close associates. it is not always possible to have individual readings due to time and costly factors. Therefore,
    psychic medium readings are available for small family groups. These have to be arranged well in advance.
  • Psychic Investigations
    Jock has worked on many investigations of a paranormal nature - from hauntings to apparent possessions. He has always taken a scientific approach to investigating these cases. Jock has also helped families on other more earthly cases such as missing persons and complicated legal cases. He has always maintained the highest ethical standards and accepts cases as and when he can. Jock has a team of professional scientific investigators at his disposal to help with these issues. Contact us if you need advice or would like us to look at a particular case.
  • Medium Vs Psychic
    Many people wonder what the differences are between psychics and mediums and whom should they approach for help if they need it. One thing that you should take into consideration is the following statement "all mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums." This is a very true statement and one that bears a great deal of truth. Quite simply in layman's terms, a psychic is one who reads energy and a medium is an individual who is able to communicate with the spirit of a deceased individual upon the earth plane. The evidence that one can bring to bear is remarkably different and unfortunately many psychics who claim to be mediums are of course not, they are merely reading energy and fail to furnish appropriate evidence from the world of spirit.
  • Psychic Reading Vs Mediumship
    A psychic reading is a reading that mainly involves tapping into the energy field of an individual to read past, present circumstances and future probabilities based on the desires and the life of the individual from the past choices and experiences, which go to make up the present. The future is only probability based on choices and circumstances of the present. A medium is able to raise their own energy vibration to such a level they are able to communicate with those that have passed over to the world of spirit. Therefore the evidence is different or it should be. Good evidence could be something simple and no based on probability. This simplicity of a statement will have within it the required evidence that will prove the spirit continues after the death of the physical body.
  • Expectations
    Expectation is something very personal to the individual. Often that expectation would be far too high and so the unnecessary pressure is then not only placed upon the individual but also on the psychic medium or psychic reader. The expectation of someone going to a private reading or a group reading will vary and is often down to ignorance and not understanding the mechanics of mediumship and or psychic faculties. Therefore what may be really good and scientific evidence is not expected because the burden of proof is misunderstood.

Jock Brocas - Author

Jock has written several books, which have been published throughout the world in several languages. These books vary in subject but always have a spiritual undertone.
The future will see continual development of spiritual works for various publishers and it is rumored that a fiction book is also in the pipeline.

ASSMPI Researcher and Board Director

Jock is a researcher of mediumship and the paranormal. He is also a board member of the American Society for Standards in mediumship and Psychical investigation, which has grown rapidly and spans the globe.
The ASSMPI exists to increase standards and support the development of all forms of mediumship. It also raises funds for good causes and psychical research.
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    A Revolutionary War hero. The local blacksmith. A professor of history at an esteemed university. These are just a few of the past lives you could have lived . . . and have no idea about. With a renowned psychic medium as your guide, you'll delve into the unknown realms of the past, answering questions. Featuring a balanced overview of the history of past life regression and how you can achieve your own past life experience, this is an all-inclusive resource if you want to know more about where (and when!) you have been.
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    Release July 2011

    Survival in life demands that you press every advantage—and what could be better than knowing what an aggressor will do before he does it? In The Book of Six Rings, internationally renowned psychic medium and martial artist Jock Brocas leads you through the process of sharpening your intuitive senses. By learning to listen to the voice within, readers will be able to avoid unseen dangers, discern the hidden intent of opponents, and evade attacks while building the life that they are meant to lead—not one they are forced to lead. This guide is for martial artists and spiritual warriors of all types.
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    Your sixth sense can warn you of imminent danger; whether it's to yourself, your family or your business; whether it's personal hostility, potential robbery, or even terrorist attack. The Power of the Sixth Sense is written by an experienced psychic medium, a top security consultant and a teacher of the Japanese martial arts of the Ninja and Samurai. Many times in his life as an undercover agent, working with law enforcement and military Forces throughout the world, in some of the most hostile locations, Jock Brocas sixth sense allowed him to survive in the face of possible death. The aim of this book is to make everyone aware of their similar abilities. The sixth sense is a practical gift, vital for survival in this perilous age.


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    Have a question about the spirit world or mediumship?

    Send me your questions and i will write an in-depth answer to you. Your questions can be on anything spiritual and i will endeavor to answer them fully. I will choose the most appropriate questions and post them so others may learn about mediumship, the spirit world and psychic mediums in general.

    Before going to Jock I was a complete sceptic, I'm an ex soldier and we just 'don't do that kind of thing'. I was blown away by his accuracy and his mediumship skills when he passed on much needed words of comfort and advice from my loved ones who had past over. Jock was able to recount things from my past and present that only I could've known.

    Jim, Scotland

    Thank you for your reading which, as a sceptic and having had a coupleof disappointing readings before, left me amazed and awestruck. Myfeelings and belief following my reading was one of enlightenment andhas changed my perception completely! I definitely would have nohesitation in recommending other sceptics to you.Yours in spirit!


    Firstly, it was so weird how I heard about him – a colleague of mine was having a reading when, hey presto, out of the blue, my Mum barged through with a message for me! WOW. I managed to get an appointment with Jock (a rare opportunity for anyone – so I grabbed it immediately!) I was gobsmacked! The information which Jock gave me was truly accurate and I was totally amazed and intrigued by the depth of the information he passed through from “the other side”. 


    I have had readings by several mediums over the years, some very good and some charlatans but the reading I had with Jock was one of the best I have ever had.  Jock uses a scientific approach when doing a reading and delivered very accurate facts, he gave no initials just names, surnames, addresses and who they were connected to.


    The facts were just so precise,its truly jaw dropping! If you come across Jocks name while looking for medium /psychic I strongly advise you that you found Jock for a reason,just as I did,so have the faith in yourself to contact Jock for a reading,you will be so happy you did,just as I am.